December 9, 2023

The face of the German movement - Luisa Neubauer - climate activist between fear and anger - News

The face of the German movement – Luisa Neubauer – climate activist between fear and anger – News

It’s wanted at the climate conference: among the climate strikers on the streets of Glasgow, but also at events in the convention centre. She comes to the conversation straight from her appearance with Prince of Great Britain William. Luisa Neubauer, 25, who studied geography from Hamburg, is the face of the climate strike movement in Germany.

I don’t see how I can justify doing nothing.

What drives you? Wrong question: What drives those who don’t protest out loud for more climate protection, says Louisa Neubauer, almost a little upset. The climate crisis affects everyone and the facts are on the table.

Jill Khan

Louisa Neubauer seems reserved and serious. Just now and then she has a smile on her face. She is worried about the future of the planet and angry that governments are no more ambitious about climate change.

It asserts that your generation feels betrayed about its future. Recently published in The Lancet study Agrees with her: Out of 10,000 young people between the ages of 15 and 25, three-quarters share this fear and anger. According to the study, this ‘climate fear’ makes many feel lonely. Louisa Neubauer knows what we’re talking about. Anyone who thinks rationally about climate change will realize that a lot of things must change very quickly.

And then you walk into everyday life. He sees how the majority of people still carry on working as if nothing had happened.

If young people are viewed strangely in conversations with parents and teachers because they are anxious about the obvious, it is alarming, and many feel lonely.

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Anxiety and anger – don’t “spin myself”

This fear of the climate is not a kind of “psychological spin,” but essentially the most natural reaction to ongoing climate change. The said study is also significant because it shows that nearly half of young people are hindered by climate fear in their daily lives – the result being disturbances in eating, concentrating or sleeping.

Louisa Neubauer speaks quickly and urgently. When asked if climate strikes are the only right way to tackle climate change, and whether young people can’t act more constructively on solutions, she was almost out loud. The climate strikes are constructive, because the necessary change can only be achieved if people are informed of the following:

Because governments often don’t do it, because the media don’t often do it, we do. And we do that with our hits, among other things.

Louisa Neubauer is convinced that the climate strike movement has succeeded in doing so on several occasions. Without the pressures of young people, in their view, the Paris climate agreement could not have been reached, and progress since then – insufficient as it is – would not have taken place.

She criticizes openly and without taboos

In Germany, Luisa Neubauer is seen as the face of the climate strike movement. It was in the lead when protesters closed the Hambach Forest for weeks, as energy company RWE wanted to drill for coal and finally gave up. She stands up at corporate public meetings and criticizes their climate-damaging behavior publicly and without taboos.

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The head of industrial group Siemens is said to have been offered a seat on the board of directors after she harshly criticized the company for its involvement in the construction of a coal mine in Australia. She declined with thanks because she was able to achieve more elsewhere.

And Luisa Neubauer wants to keep working. She can’t help her.