June 21, 2024

The European Union and the United Kingdom are fighting over mussels

The European Union and the United Kingdom are fighting over mussels

British mussels cannot be imported into the European Union.

There is a rift between the UK and the EU once again – this time the British mussel is at the center of the discussions. According to the LID Agricultural Information Service report, the European Union is banning live bivalve molluscs from importing from some waters. Great Britain considers this action unjustified.

Specifically, the European Union divides water into two classes A and B, with A being the cleanest. Shellfish from category waters may not be imported into the European Union in some cases. Most of the UK’s waters are Class B. Measures have been taken to import only clean oysters since the start of the year. After Brexit, UK food standards and control may differ. The European Union argues that seafood in particular is very delicate.

There is no understanding of this in the UK. The British authorities gave a message that this measure harms companies and markets on both sides of the channel. Urgent solution to the problem is required and a meeting with the European Union Commission.

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