February 28, 2024

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The European Union and Canada are working to strengthen cooperation in the areas of health, climate change and trade

On the subject of health, the Chairperson of the Commission announced that she would continue to cooperate closely and noted the importance of vaccines in overcoming the epidemic worldwide. We want to make sure that Canada knows we can be counted on, and that European solidarity can be counted on. Canada is the fourth largest export destination for COVID-19 vaccines from the European Union. We have made sure that vaccines are delivered to Canada without interruption, and of course we will continue to do so.”

In addition to vaccinations, a better preparation must also be ensured. The Rome Declaration, adopted by the G-20 at the World Health Summit in May, provides a roadmap for recovery and ensures stronger and better preparedness for future global health crises. “We need better monitoring. We need better infrastructure preparation. It would be good if we worked together – and we agreed on this – to reform the WHO, because we need, in particular, to improve the early warning system and expand the investigative powers of the WHO “Because we all know we lost precious months at the start of the epidemic,” said Ursula von der Leyen.

At the summit, an EU-Canada dialogue on health was agreed to share experiences, knowledge and best practices. In addition, it was discussed how to ensure that new technologies such as mRNA could reach Africa or, for example, Latin America. The Chairperson of the Commission said at the press conference that an important step was to reach an agreement within the framework of the TRIPS Agreement.

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Climate change and sustainability

The European Union and Canada will work closely together to tackle climate change. At the top, the road to global carbon dioxide pricing2– The missions discussed and discussed how competitiveness can be maintained, industrial change discussed, and the potential for carbon leakage2 – Emissions to prevent them.

The Chairperson welcomed Canada’s commitment to combat biodiversity loss and its decision to follow the steps of the European Union and ban single-use plastics. Offered to coordinate closely with Canada ahead of the Glasgow Climate Conference (COP 26) and present themselves as a team on the road to Kunming for COP15: “Our planet needs us, and we need an ambitious global biodiversity framework for them COP15, sort of the Paris Convention on Biodiversity “.

The European Union and Canada also agreed to establish a strategic partnership for raw materials. “We Europeans want to diversify our imports and move away from producers like China. Precisely because we want more sustainability, we want the environment to be less harmful and working conditions to be transparent,” said von der Leyen. Raw materials – such as important minerals and minerals – are indispensable for change. environmental and digital.

Trade and research

In the field of trade, the European Union has reaffirmed its commitment to the full implementation of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). In 2019, trade between the EU and Canada increased by 25 percent for goods and 39 percent for services compared to pre-CETA levels. In her speech, President von der Leyen said CETA is good for jobs and growth on both sides of the Atlantic. To this end, the European Union and Canada must work together to solve the problems that are preventing CETA from achieving its full potential for jobs and growth.

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In connection with the European Union program “Horizon Europe” with a very large financial framework for research and innovation, it was agreed to develop cooperation and exchanges between Canadian and European innovators, for example in the areas of bioeconomics, advanced manufacturing, clean energy and digital technologies.

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