The Elder Scrolls 6 will not appear before Playgrounds Fable and Obsidians Avowed •

Before you can fight your way through The Elder Scrolls 6, the new Fable and Obsidians Avowed appear first.

It’s not easy for fans of The Elder Scrolls, and their patience will be put to more tests in the coming years.

As a reminder, Bethesda first announced The Elder Scrolls 6 in 2018 teaser On. Even then, it was obvious that it would take some time.

Now, three years later, we still haven’t gotten any further and fans will have to wait a few more years for the next new Elder Scrolls ride.

Here’s what Xbox Head Phil Spencer said in a podcast IGN (Thanks, player) is unequivocally clear.

First you dive into the world of a new fable.

As Spencer mentioned, The Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be released until Playground Games’ new Fable and Obsidians Avowed release.

In addition, Starfield is initially prioritizing Bethesda Game Studios, which is due to appear in November 2022, provided everything goes according to plan there.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard had previously confirmed that The Elder Scrolls 6 is still in design stage And an unexpected release in the near future.

So when is The Elder Scrolls 6 coming? The truth is that neither Fable nor the new Avowed have a release date. Journalist Jeff Grob had previously speculated that both Fable and Avowed could appear in 2023.

What does that mean for The Elder Scrolls 6? We might be looking at the years 2024, 2025, or even 2026 when it comes to publishing the next installment in the RPG series.

Until then, there will definitely be a plethora of games that will give you other ideas while bridging the waiting time. Maybe Skyrim optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

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