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Medal dreams were buried in the last corner due to a mistake - 5th place Vanessa Herzog at the distance of 500 meters

The Dreams Medal was buried in the final curve due to a mistake

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You don’t want to be. Austria president in speed skating, world champion 2019, world cup winner European multi-champion Vanessa Herzog, stayed at the World Singles Championship in Heerenveen due to her discipline of over 500 meters without a medal.

The female candidate in the election won 37,855 in fifth place, 71 per cent ahead of new world champion Angelina Golikova from Russia. The silver medal went to Fimk Kok from the Netherlands, and the bronze went to Olga Vatkulina from Russia.

“It’s a shame, because there was so much in the race.” After the run, Herzog said, “The ice wasn’t too fast today and fifth place is no World Cup drama, but I’m very disappointed because I really wanted a medal.” The competition started fine with 10.3 seconds. She was still in third after 100 meters.

“The start was great, the fastest in my career ever,” said the 25-year-old who was the best female athlete in Austria for 2019. She also completed her back well but made a fatal mistake in the last corner. “I took the corner too narrow and then was hit by a lot of pressure in the middle. The result was two slips and the search for the medal ended,” analyzed Herzog, who two years ago declared herself world champion at this distance.

Herzog summed up: “Gold and silver were definitely out of my reach, but I could have had an opinion on the battle of bronze.” In the end, she was four-tenths less than the third place, which seasoned Russian Vatkulina snatched. For the men, the gold medal went to Canadian Laurent Dubreuil, and the World Championship titles in the team’s quest went to Holland on Friday afternoon, for both men and women.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the day of the great battle for Austrian athletes, because Herzog will then have to cut 1,000 meters there. Gabriel O’Dor, Natalie Kirchbaumair and Katharina Thien make their world championships debuts in an Austrian racing suit at a collegiate start. The competition is divided into two parts. 16 of the 24 athletes qualify from the semi-finals of the evening’s final. A total of 16 laps await in a round, each fourth lap as a starting point. As a result, the points are then ranked before the round period, with the top six of the final race counters again. In order to progress to the Final, the three athletes of red, white and red must be in the top eight in their races.

Ladies 500 meters:

1 – Angelina Golikova (Russia) 37.141
2 – Vimke Kook (NED) 37.281
Olga Vatkulina (Russia) 37.455.0000
5. Vanessa Herzog (American University) 37855

Men 500 meters:
1 – Laurent Dubreuil (Canada) 34.398.2007
2 – Pavel Kolezhnikov (Russia) 34,540
3. Floating Stand (NED) 34.628

Women Tracking Team:
1. Netherlands 2: 55.795
2- Canada 2: 55.973
3. Russia 2: 59.358

Men’s Tracking Team:
1- Netherlands 3: 41429
2. Canada 3: 41.711
3. Russia 3: 42,662

a program:
Saturday 13 February 2021

1:50 pm Collective women’s semi-finals begin (with Natalie Kirchbaumaier and Katharina Thien)
2:30 pm Collegiate semi-final men begin (with Gabriel O’Dor)
3:10 pm Women’s 1000m (with Vanessa Herzog)
4:00 PM 1000 meters men
4:55 p.m. The women’s collective final begins
5:10 p.m. The final block begins for men

Sunday 14 February 2021
12:30 pm 1500 meters for ladies
1.30 pm 1500 m men (with Gabriel O’Dor)
2:30 PM 5000 meters ladies
3:35 pm 10,000 meters men

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