June 14, 2024

The dream of astronauts continues for 30 Swiss citizens

The dream of astronauts continues for 30 Swiss citizens

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano at the European Space Agency (ESA) has achieved what many dream of: a career as an astronaut.

Archive photo: Nasa / dpa

19 Swiss women and 11 Swiss women can still hope to get a job as an astronaut at the European Space Agency (ESA). This came from a call from the European Space Agency on Thursday.

According to the information, a total of 1,361 stakeholders were selected for the second stage of the selection process – 530 women and 831 men. Now you have to face a psychological performance test.

Applicants are still in the race from every ESA member country. Among them, 404 from France, 194 from Germany, 166 from Great Britain and 159 from Italy.

astronaut wanted

It is the first time in more than a decade that the European Space Agency has been looking for new astronauts. Four to six astronauts are to be hired as permanent staff of the European Space Agency for space missions. The organization is also looking for up to 20 astronauts as a reserve. For this reserve pool, the ESA is also explicitly looking for an astronaut with some degree of physical disability.

According to the information released on Thursday, the European Space Agency received more than 22,532 applications from people without disabilities and 257 applications for the Parastronaut Program. Originally, he sent 549 Swiss men and 119 Swiss women on file. The largest number of applications came from France with 7,087, followed by France with 3,695, and the United Kingdom with 2,000 applicants.

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