December 10, 2023

The dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol has not been resolved

The dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol has not been resolved

Despite cooperating closely with Germany and other European partners in the Ukraine crisis, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not see the Brexit dispute over regulations for Northern Ireland over. “There is a problem,” Johnson said at a joint news conference with Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) in Downing Street in London on Friday. Other than that, Johnson added, there is agreement on nearly every issue. Schulze traveled to the British capital on his inaugural visit.

The basics in brief

  • Great Britain has been threatening for months to implement the emergency provision of Article 16 in the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol.

Johnson made it clear on Friday that this option was not off the table. The protocol is part of the Brexit deal signed by London and Brussels. It aims to ensure that the border between the European Union member Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, remains open. However, this did create a customs border between Northern Ireland and Great Britain, which caused some problems in trade between the British. London wants to renegotiate the protocol from scratch. However, Brussels has so far rejected this and insists on implementing the agreements.

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