December 3, 2023

The developers hint at what they are working on after update 4

The developers hint at what they are working on after update 4

from Sarah Petzold
The developers of Battlefield 2042 are still trying to limit the damage and want to fix more bugs in future updates. In the official forum, DICE staff stated that they are working on various modifications based on community feedback.

Even several months after its release, Battlefield 2042 is still in unsatisfactory condition for many fans. The current update #4 can only partially change that, although it contains many bug fixes and quality of life changes that the community has been asking for for so long. Despite this, the shooter still had a number of problems. But the developers want to take care of those with upcoming updates, they indicated in communicating with their fans.

Gear bug, EoR screen and audio commentary

Two points, Battlefield 2042 players It was a thorn in the side for too long, affecting the gear and end-of-round screen. Although the development team at DICE have already addressed these two features in Update #4, they still don’t work as intended or desired by fans.

The bug in the game causing a blank loading screen has been officially fixed, but the error can still occur in rare cases. The developers stated this in an official forum post:

We have detected a very rare occurrence of this problem. However, it is extremely rare and we assume that most players will survive. We aim to provide a fix for this in the next update. “

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Additionally, players are still not satisfied with the audio feedback being played at the end of the round screen after each match. Fans called the pronunciations “cringe” and tweeted about the bad script and intonation for each line. The developers also responded to this criticism and promised:

We’ve heard feedback on EoR audio lines and it’s something we’re actively researching. We will be changing their style and tone of voice in a future update.

So DICE is trying to implement feedback from fans and eliminate more bugs and issues from Battlefield 2042 with upcoming updates. According to the developers, the next major patch for the shooter will be released in May 2022 and will contain several bug fixes and other tweaks based on feedback from the community.

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