June 14, 2024

The day after Harry’s scandalous book, Charles ordered an eviction!

By Ina Michaelis-Ugwonno

With his scandalous “Speer” (German title: “reserve”), Prince Harry, 38, wanted to boost his reputation and career – now he’s kicked out by Papa Charles (74).

The King expels the dissident Sussexes from their home, Frogmore Cottage!

Charles III’s eviction process began in January, a royal insider confirmed to the New York Post. A day after Harry’s memoirs, in which he insulted the royal family, were published.

Prince Harry and Meghan in September 2022 Image: Image Alliance/Associated Press | Martin Meisner

A source told The Sun: “This eviction certainly marks the end of Harry and Meghan’s tenure in the UK.”

Frogmore Cottage, Harry’s old home on the grounds of Windsor Castle, was previously the official residence of the prince and his wife, Meghan (41).

The Queen (96) bequeathed the five-bedroom estate to them after their fairytale wedding in 2018. Harry and Meghan happily lived here for a while before turning their backs on the British crown and emigrating to the United States.

The royal dropouts now live with their children Archie (3) and Lilibet (1) in Montecito (California), where they continue to pour dirt on the British royal family. Perhaps the Harry Scandal book was the last drop in the ocean that led to King Charles III. His son and wife Megan take shelter in Harry’s house.

And ER for Everyone Should Benefit From It: The Prince Andrew Scandal (63).

While Harry and Meghan are said to no longer have an alternative to Great Britain’s royal living, King Charles III. He offered his brother the key to Frogmore Cottage last week.

Now that Prince Andrew has an annual benefice of £249,000 for his home, Royal Lodge removed, and he can’t afford the 30-room property on the grounds of Windsor Castle alone, that’s an option.

But the non-functioning royal, who was stripped of his royal patronage and military titles by the Queen in 2022 over his involvement in the abuse scandal of Jeffrey Epstein (66), is said to not be entirely enthusiastic. An insider revealed that he is “resisting the idea.”

Because a move to the much smaller Frogmore Cottage would mean a deterioration in his living conditions. It remains uncertain whether Andrew will accept the key to the royal cabin. On the other hand, the expulsion of Harry and Meghan is a foregone conclusion. Buckingham Palace has already sent an eviction notice to the couple, who live in the US. In contrast, the two are “powerless”.

The royal dropouts are said to want the rest of their belongings, which are still at Frogmore Cottage, to be sent soon to California. W: Currently, evacuation is also the only contact between father Charles and his youngest son. Ouch!

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