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In the times the compound bob was preferred in the 1980s or the sawtooth locomotive Cowboys from Hell The classic rock quadruple usually remains a keeper for shelves. Not so in New Zealand: there are now six album sessions Datsun To repeated cheers. Hard rock and retro rock band directed at the band are also arriving in the UK. With Eye To Eye, the debut album is now released after a hiatus of seven years, to impress the rest of the world as well.

What is immediately noticeable is the dominance of the founding members in the form of monolithic car driving. Dolf de Borst (vocals, bass) and guitarist Phil Buscke set high standards in Gibsolymp with songs like “Dehumanise” and “Sweet Talk”. Datsuns’ chord-driven voice can be located between Les Paul Jimmy Page’s rapist and hacking explorer James Hetfield. Why Gibson has not yet donated an “artist” model to Datson remains a mystery. But enough with Klampfengende. Return to “Face to Face”.

Guitar effects and grand gestures

In addition to classic rock and proto-beats, the album also features fine pieces of music (“Moongazer”) and effectively blown loud songs (“Doubt”). Sometimes the new songs remind us of solid rock neighbors Rod & Young, and sometimes the grace of Ziggy Stardust.

The range of effects on Eye to Eye is only fully perceptible after it has been heard many times and yet is always audible. They mostly range from the first heavier rock groups of the 1960s to old punk and metal bands. So if you love guitar effects then you can do something with revived rock icons and don’t be shy about big singing, sometimes polyphonic and member gestures, Datsuns is the place for you. The rest should take their hands off “face to face”.

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