June 24, 2024

Britain wants to test travelers twice

The daily number of deaths in Great Britain is at its lowest level in half a year

In Great Britain, the number of new deaths from the Coronavirus has fallen to its lowest level in half a year. Yesterday, the authorities in London announced that 33 deaths from the Coronavirus have been counted, which is a small number since the beginning of October. Observers have classified this as a sign that a vaccination strategy is working in the country that has been most affected by the particularly infectious virus variant B.1.1.7. In January and February, there were peak values ​​of more than 1,000 coronavirus deaths per day.

Just yesterday, 96 new deaths from the Coronavirus were counted in Great Britain. The number of new infections yesterday reached 5,312, which is also lower than the previous day’s value (5,587). However, the decrease was much lower than the Coronavirus mortality rate, which was taken as an indication that vaccination does not work comprehensively against infection, but against acute courses and deaths.

Meanwhile, 27.6 million people in the former European Union member state have received at least one dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, which represents more than half of the country’s adult population. 2.3 million people have already received doses of the vaccine. Around 67 million people live in the United Kingdom.

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