The current hour in temporary contracts in science

The Bundestag discussed precarious employment in science.

The party Die Linke applied for a current watch on the so-called Scientific Time Contract Law. MP Gulke said thousands of scientists worked on fixed-term contracts, sometimes less than a year, without any security planning. One has always dealt with precaria in science. Many young researchers have left Germany because of better career opportunities abroad.

Federal Research Minister Karlicic defended the law. The CDU politician said there was no obligation to set a time limit, certainly not a disgraceful time limit. Universities are responsible. – The discussion was launched through the experiences of young researchers published under the hashtag “Aish Ben Hanna”. They were referring to a now-deleted video clip from the Federal Ministry of Science with a character named Hanna. She praised the benefits of the temporary contracts law for science. Accordingly, fixed-term jobs usually expire after twelve years. However, anyone who had not found a professor’s degree or other permanent position by then would have to find accommodation elsewhere.

This message was broadcast on June 25, 2021 on Deutschlandfunk.

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