May 23, 2024

The Conservative Victory on Boris Johnson: A Violent Criticism of the Labor Leadership

The Conservative Victory on Boris Johnson: A Violent Criticism of the Labor Leadership

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Tory Brexit fans Boris Johnson in the local elections is bringing a historic shift in northern England. Labor is losing badly.

Hartlepool – The loss of the House seat for the ruling Conservative Party has sparked strong criticism of the party leadership over opposition leader Keir Starmer in the British Labor Party. People in the country “no longer know what the Labor Party actually stands for,” criticized the powerful trade union leader Leonard McCluskey, the left-wing close to Starmer’s predecessor Jeremy Corbyn. This called for a “bolder vision”. Lord Andrew Adonis of the right spoke of a “lack of leadership, energy and dynamism.” Starmer is “interim president.”

By-elections in Hartlepool, northern England, became necessary because the former lawmaker was forced to resign on charges of sexual harassment in the workplace. The seat has been in the hands of Labor since 1964. This time, 52 percent voted for conservative candidate Jill Mortimer, including many of those voters who voted for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party in December 2019. Mortimer said after the vote on Friday morning that she had called for ” Positive change. ” And that is exactly what the people in Hartlepool would have chosen.

Boris Johnson: “Very promising results” in the local elections

A total of 48 million Britons were asked to vote on Thursday. The Regional Parliaments of Scotland and Wales were redefined as well as many English local governments and directly elected mayors. Because, unlike Hartlepool, in many places the counting of votes did not begin until Friday morning, senior politicians voiced themselves cautiously, if at all. Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke on Friday of “very promising preliminary results” for his party, and opposition leader Starmer stayed away from all microphones.

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As of Friday noon, only 20 of England’s 143 counties have reported their results. Bad news overshadowed the opposition there: The Conservatives won four county governments, including Harlow in London, Ridditch, Dudley and Nunton in the Midlands – all the constituencies that Labor would have to win in order to have a chance to win the next general election.

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But in the big city of Doncaster, the Labor mayor was able to be re-elected. Similar predictions were made for her colleagues in the big cities of London and Manchester (both Labor) and Birmingham (the Conservative Party). Also in Wales (Labor) and Scotland (Scottish National Party), the government has taken an interest after the first statistics confirming that the current governments will take office.

The Social Democratic Workers’ Party loses “devastatingly,” the Conservatives won for Boris Johnson

For Starmer, the loss of mandate at Hartlepool is a “very devastating” outcome, as Stephen Reed, a local Labor political spokesman, acknowledged. It should have been helpful if candidate Paul Williams was a staunch pro-European. But in Hartlepool, nearly 70 per cent of voters voted to leave the European Union in 2016. Like Williams, his entire party is seen as uncompromising with Brexit. “The Labor Party remained silent, hoping that the electorate would forget this issue,” said Professor John Curtis of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. But the voters are not ready yet ».

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For the people of Hartlepool and many similarly structured, post-industrial, and poorer cities in England, the EU referendum had a marginal relationship with Brussels. Instead, the protest cry was directed at the political elite in London: Take note, do something for us. This is exactly what Johnson promised residents in the 2019 election, the first projects crystallizing: the Treasury Department shuttles thousands of jobs from London to Darlington in the north of England, and Teesside, to which Hartlepool belongs, is to have duty. Free port. It is the “positive change” that incoming Representative Mortimer is talking about.

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Boris Johnson’s government has acted with social democratic generosity since Coronavirus

The Johnson government has been working generously, democratically, to provide financial support for jobs put at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic. After the unfortunate and devastating incidents in the battle against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the vaccination campaign went nearly smoothly for several months: more than half of the people received a dose, and a quarter of them were fully vaccinated.

These external factors would have made the work of any opposition party difficult, according to the strategic analysis of former party Lord Peter Mandelson: “People instinctively rally around the government.”

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