The consequences of Britain’s exit from the European Union for the German economy

On the contrary, Great Britain was also excluded from the list of the most important importers of Germany, according to Trier. In East Germany, Saxony in particular had extensive trade relations with the British. Economy Minister Martin Duleg wanted to travel to London with entrepreneurs last week to update communications. But due to the pandemic, the appointment has been postponed.

Northern Ireland dispute hinders trade deals with the European Union

A fundamental question arises: Can politics make Brexit more likely? Right now, there’s a lot of paperwork to fill out and evidence to give, according to Oliver Holtimeller, vice president of the Leibniz Institute for Economic Research in Halle. “A lot can be reversed through negotiations. You will then have to conclude appropriate international agreements.” Germany cannot negotiate such a thing with Great Britain, it will be the task of the European Union.

But before the EU dismantled the customs bureaucracy, it first had to reach an agreement with Great Britain over Northern Ireland. Both sides are still arguing over the question of the extent to which Northern Ireland’s border can be breached. It is even conceivable that the UK will end its still fresh trade agreements with the EU due to the dispute.

Meanwhile, the businessmen look on, puzzled. Or they continue to do the best they can – just as trailer dealer Tobias Ahrens does.

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