October 3, 2023

The competition complaint was filed in Europe ›ifun.de

The competition complaint was filed in Europe ›ifun.de

It was already expected that the scope of the ongoing litigation would extend to the Old Continent, Now it’s official: The game publisher, Epic, who is already in court in the United States over the rules applicable to the App Store with Apple ArguesHe has now also sent his lawyer on the road in Europe.

Epic now has an official competition complaint to Directorate General of Competition To the European Commission, calling on them to ensure that fair practices are applied to Apple’s digital platforms.

“The competition has reached a dead end.”

And Epic makes it shatter. In a complaint filed by the game provider, Epic claims that not only did Apple hurt competition in the App Store through a series of anti-competitive rules, but it also led to its nearly complete halt. Epic’s biggest cash point: Apple’s stringent billing requirements, which would prevent developers from using their own payments, thus avoiding mandatory 30% revenue sharing when using so-called in-app purchases.

‘Apple prefers itself’

According to the game provider, Apple will abuse its control over the iOS ecosystem to benefit itself while at the same time preventing fair competition.

Given Apple’s dominant position, Epic sees a clear violation of European competition law and is calling on the European Union Commission to act – which, in turn, has been investigating allegations of Spotify and other app developers who have been the same for some time.

Game provider Epic faced an offensive confrontation with Apple last summer At the time, he wanted to incorporate a capability in the popular Fortnite app to sell in-app content after Apple’s payment system. Apple then removed the app from the App Store, then deactivated the Epic developer account, as the games company allowed a Cupertino to run through.

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