March 2, 2024

“The collapse of the kingdom has become more likely,”

“The collapse of the kingdom has become more likely,”

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Scotland’s nationalists want a referendum on independence, and Northern Ireland aims to unite with the Republic of Ireland: the well-known British political scholar Simon Griffiths around a ramshackle kingdom.

from Thomas Gulcer | 05.45 January 30, 2021

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Mr Griffiths, the Scots are pushing toward a new independence referendum, according to surveys, the desire is growing in a united Ireland – and even in Wales, there are trends toward secession: how much do you, as an expert on British home affairs, criticize the United Kingdom?
Simon Griffiths: The most obvious sticking point is Scotland: the NPS dominates the Scottish Parliament. In the event that the parliamentary bloc gets a majority after the parliamentary elections in May, Nicolas Sturgeon (leader of the NPS party and “prime minister”) announced some time ago that a second independence referendum would be held. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants to boycott this – the basis of a very dangerous impasse, as we’ve also seen in Catalonia.

How is Northern Ireland?
The Brexit agreement creates a de facto trade barrier between Northern Ireland and mainland Great Britain. As a result, Northern Ireland’s economy will align with that of the Republic of Ireland. However, the current situation undoubtedly leads to severe tensions in historically divided regions.

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