The coastal place measures 50.7 degrees

View over a small town on the Australian West Coast (archive).


It’s the middle of summer in Australia now. In the west of the continent, the temperature has risen to previously unmeasured levels – with consequences for the population.

Large parts of Australia are currently sweating under the influence of the constant heat bell. In the west of the country, a decade-old temperature record has now been set.

The weather service in the coastal city of Onslow, in the Pilbara region, said the mercury column rose to 50.7 degrees on Thursday. This is the highest temperature ever recorded in Western Australia. The same value was last measured in January 1960 in the remote village of Oodnadatta in South Australia.

At two other communities in Pilbara, Roburn and Mardi, the 50-degree mark was broken on Thursday. Meteorologist Luke Huntington told the Australian newspaper sender ABC, The lack of thunderstorms is responsible for the extreme heat – because without this discharge, which usually guarantees cooler values, hot air will continue to accumulate.

Many people fled from the standard levels at home. However, some air conditioning systems can no longer handle the intense heat. “It’s so hot that the air conditioner in my office has given up the ghost,” said Mark Barratt of the Roburn Police Department. Electrical appliances also felt heat stress.

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