December 10, 2023

The coach of the Saadi national team is completely dissatisfied despite the victory

The coach of the Saadi national team is completely dissatisfied despite the victory

Theo Henriks (left) and the German hockey men clearly won against Canada, but there’s still a lot to play in terms of play.

Photo: Witters

German hockey men beat Canada 5-0 in Hamburg. However, the team still had room to improve.

Hamburg. The result was correct, with their performance the Germans were as well Masters of Hockey Completely dissatisfied on Pentecost. “We had a few stages in which we were dominant, but we couldn’t act defensively and offensively for more than 60 minutes,” said Captain Tobias Hook of Harvestehuder THC after the match. 5-0 (2-0) victory over Canada. With the match against the Olympic participant, a series of four-match Auditions began at the Uhlenhorster HC facility in Wesselblek, with France being the next competitors on Tuesday (1:15 pm).

Against defensive Canadians, who are coached by Cologne coach Andre Henning, who is also the group’s number one contender in Tokyo, Colon Timor Oruz (11), Lucas Winfieder from Mulheim (15/31) and teammate Niklas. He met Bosserhoff (51./55) to achieve an eventual secure victory. “Canada is a very good opponent, and we had a hard time creating chances to score regularly,” said Qais Saadi, the Hamburg national coach, whose team was unhappy with some of the stages in which the match structure faltered. And operations did not work well looked special playing style. “I consider the level of dissatisfaction as an important indicator of our development potential. But this is normal for the stage we are in now.” Al-Saadi said, “There are no results here, only development steps.”

The tournament in Hamburg, which will have other matches on Thursday against Canada and on Friday against France, will end on Friday with the nomination for the European Championship in Amsterdam (4-13 June). The Olympic team was also recruited from this team.

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