April 25, 2024

The Capitol Attack: Did Donald Trump Plan the Attack?  Chat messages have been leaked

The Capitol Attack: Did Donald Trump Plan the Attack? Chat messages have been leaked

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Messages from group chats of some Trump supporters provide insight into planning for January 6, 2021. What role did Donald Trump and the White House play?

WASHINGTON, DC – What role did Donald Trump play in the storming of the US Capitol in January 2021? Leaked chat logs from groups of various Trump supporters describe the Jan. 6 operations. The news revealed that the president and his staff were involved in planning the demonstration.

according to one Rolling Stone Report Amy Cramer – the political activist and supporter of Trump and the main person responsible for organizing the rally on January 6 – was in close contact with former President Donald Trump. Several chat messages should occupy this connection.

Regulation of January 6th: “We Only Follow the President”

Cramer is one of the former president’s most prominent supporters and is known for her role in the Tea Party movement. Among other things, a bus tour organized a “March for Trump”, which was intended to motivate the population to protest on January 6, 2021. The reason for the rally was Trump’s loss of the presidential election against Joe Biden. In one of her messages from a group talk to Trump supporters, Kramer wrote, “I’m leaving the tour for one night and going to DC. I have a meeting with the White House tomorrow afternoon. Relax. I’m sure the President knows about tomorrow’s tour.”

More news available to Rolling Stone shows how deeply the White House was involved in planning the rally. Kramer stated in a group chat on December 13, 2020 that one would have to wait for answers from Washington before she could reveal more details about the January 6 protest. “We are following the instructions of the President of the United States,” wrote Kylie Kramer, daughter of Amy Kramer, who is also a political activist and Trump sympathizer. In a private conversation between Kylie and another well-known activist, Kramer stated that the White House, along with the Trump team, were involved in coordinating the rally.

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Capitol storming: ‘We’ll save the world’

On January 5, 2021, the day before the Capitol was stormed, Amy Kramer wrote: “We are about to become part of a defining and historic moment in our nation’s history. […] I love you all and am grateful to each and every one of you.” Finally, she wrote “Let’s Save the Republic.” The activist wrote something similar at the start of her bus tour in November 2020: “Welcome to the March for Trump Bus Tour.” We will save the world,” it was said at the time.

The former US president will release a picture book of patriots before Christmas.

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Meanwhile, the Commission of Inquiry is investigating the handling of the January 6 events against Amy and Kylie Kramer. Both were summoned. The committee also summoned several members of Trump’s inner circle – including former White House officials – to investigate the role of the former president’s team in the January 6 events. A lawyer familiar with the investigation told Rolling Stone newspaper that congressional investigators received “tons” of group chats from the organizers.

However, the Kramers insist that all known material and information is “fake news”. A spokesperson for the two told the magazine about the alleged misinformation as follows: “You are printing things that are factually wrong 100 percent. We can prove them wrong.” Plus, it’s funny and ridiculous for anyone who knows Amy. When Rolling Stone was asked to explain the circumstances, Rolling Stone received no further response.

The situation for the former president of the United States is becoming increasingly difficult. Donald Trump’s former employees are now supposed to provide more detailed information about what happened in the Oval Office on January 6. (NS)

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