April 22, 2024

The canceled addresses cause confusion among the authorities

No one can see through it anymore!

Denmark’s Queen Margrethe (82) made short work of herself last year. She wants to reduce the size of the monarchy – and thus stripped royal titles from her grandchildren.

The radical change caused amazement not only outside the palace walls. Those affected were also surprised and expressed their anger.

Meanwhile, family members seem to have more or less absorbed the shock. Just: the Danish authorities are now in complete chaos!

Who has any nickname? And who lives at what address? This appears to be a mystery to the authorities, as reported by “Se og Hør”.

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Yes, mainly because of the money.


No, I imagine their life is boring.


Because Margaret’s grandson Nicolae (23) and Felix (20) were actually only important from the start of the year. However, the Danish authorities still incorrectly listed them as princes.

There is also confusion with the titles. Amalienborg Castle is still on public record as the residence of Count Felix. However, the 20-year-old lives in an apartment in Christian VIII Palace.

Wrong accommodation information is not the main problem with the whole thing. BUT: Headings should not be visible to the public in the first place…

The error has now been corrected. However, maybe the Danish authorities should check the books again.