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The Canadian government supports indigenous farming initiatives

The Canadian government supports indigenous farming initiatives

21. June 2021

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The month of June in Canada is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the achievements, history, and rich cultural history of the so-called First Nations (indigenous peoples), i.e. the Inuit and Métis. The Canadian government has now announced joint efforts to strengthen agriculture and foster meaningful relationships with underrepresented groups in order to break down barriers.

In this regard, the Minister of Indigenous Affairs recently announced that Mark MillerOn behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude BeboInvesting more than $4 million in 16 projects that will help support Indigenous food systems initiatives, enable equitable access to healthy and plant-based food, increase participation of underrepresented groups in agriculture and increase the agri-food sector.

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The beneficiaries of the investments are:

These projects are part ofIndigenous Agriculture and Food Systems Initiativeand theAgricultural Diversity ProgramConstruction announced on previous government support of $2.1 million. This includes projects to support indigenous agriculture and food initiatives by Indian Agricultural Program in Ontario (IAPO), The Indigenous Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC), The Wikwemikong Development Committee (WDC) and des Northern Farm Training Institute (NFTI).

The Canadian government is working to ensure that Indigenous communities across the country have reliable access to healthy foods and, above all, plant-based foods. Today’s announcement builds on existing initiatives such as Emergency Food Security Fund and the Northern Canada Nutrition ProgramThat enhances food security in Indigenous communities as well.