The British trust the European Union more than they trust the government

Three years after Brexit, people in the United Kingdom trust the European Union far more than they trust their own government or parliament. This finding came from a survey.

In addition, half of them are now disappointed with the UK’s exit from the European Union at the end of January 2020. Just under a quarter (24 per cent) are happy about that. This was the result of the World Values ​​Survey conducted by King’s College London and published on Thursday.

According to this, in 2022, just under a quarter had a large or relatively large confidence in the government and parliament. On the other hand, trust in the European Union rose from 22 percent in the 2000s to 39 percent.

“We have to work hard and fast to build public confidence,” said Bobby Duffy, president of the Institute for Responsible Policy. “The pandemic has shown how much we depend on public cooperation in times of crisis, where trust is key.”

In Scotland, the ruling SNP party seeks independence and a return to the international community. There, 59 per cent of people were disappointed with Brexit, more so than in the other three parts of the country. There, 50% trust the European Union.

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