The British government is strongly against another Scottish independence referendum

The British government continues to categorically reject a new Scottish independence referendum in the conflict between London and Edinburgh. As she said in the affirmative, the government’s lawyer presented London’s written position to the High Court on Tuesday.

In the fall of next year, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants her citizens to vote again on whether Scotland should become an independent country. The majority of Scots (55%) voted to remain in the UK in the 2014 referendum. But that was before Brexit, which the northern part of Britain rejected by a clear majority (62%). Independence supporters are confident that the situation will change if there is another vote.

For a vote of this kind, British government approval is in fact mandatory. However, Sturgeon intends to legally conduct the referendum without such consent if necessary. So your government called on the UK Supreme Court to examine whether an “advisory vote” could be implemented without London’s consent. The word “consultant” means that a pro-independence victory would not automatically remove Scotland from the United Kingdom.

London thinks that would be illegal. A spokeswoman said: “The UK Government’s view remains clear that the independence referendum would be outside the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament.” The case is due to go to court in October.

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