March 1, 2024

The British gardener grows over 1200 tomatoes on one stem

The British gardener grows over 1200 tomatoes on one stem

The British Douglas Smith even broke his own record: the gardener grows more than 1,200 tomatoes on one stalk.

The basics in brief

  • British gardener Douglas Smith can claim a world record.
  • In his greenhouse, one of his plants bore 1,269 tomatoes on one stem.

Gardener Douglas Smith spends a lot of time in the greenhouse for his favorites. Four hours a week tending to record-breaking tomatoes. It was precisely with this fruit that the man from Hertfordshire set a world record.

One of his plants bore 839 tomatoes on one stem. But a few weeks later, he broke his record again.

In September 2021, while harvesting tomato plants, Douglas discovered one stem of 1,269 cherry tomatoes. Immediately apply for the world record.

Special farming methods

Douglas appeared in the media early in 2020: “I broke the British record for the largest tomato in the UK with 3.106 kg tomatoes. Then I was looking for a new challenge for 2021.”

Do you have a vegetable patch in your home garden?

Concentrate and resolute, then develop new ways of farming. Soil samples were even tested in the lab. This enabled him to modify the formula to produce the best possible yield.

The census was checked by an independent horticultural expert. Tomatoes were counted in boxes of ten and ten boxes were placed in a tray. Each compartment contains 100 tomatoes,” the Briton explained.

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