March 1, 2024

The blues train arrives in Urdorf – concert season has begun


The first concert season has begun in Luberzen: the blues train set for Urdorf

Starting this year, Urdorf will enrich the regional cultural scene with open-air concerts in the Luberzen district. Saturday’s first concert proved the idea worked – she hasn’t performed blues yet.

Made of good stuff: BluesZug in concert.

Tobias Eggenberg

The first concert was held as part of the new music promotion project of the municipality of Urdorf in Urdorf in the Luberzen region late on Saturday afternoon. BluesZug from the city of Zug of the same name played from their repertoire for two hours.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, it didn’t just play blues music. From blues to rock to pop, there was something to suit many tastes.

Of the 20 songs that were played, only a third of the songs were quote songs. The rest consisted of songs that the band composed and wrote themselves. These special songs didn’t have to hide behind cover songs. The song “Every Day” in particular showed a lot of potential for catchy melody.

It never happened in Chicago, but in Urdorf

Guitarist Renee Brandenberger explained that there is a story behind some of the songs he wrote himself. The song “I’ve Never Been in Chicago” – as the name suggests – is about the fact that it has been almost everywhere in the United States, but has never been in Chicago, this very important city for blues music.

Cover songs ranged from classics like “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor to new hits like Pink Who Knew or Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. Among the cover songs, “Valerie” by Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse is what he enjoys the most, says Renee Brandenberger.

Serving food thanks to food trucks

Listeners loved the music: cheers were often heard from the audience. The apparition was called at the end of the performance. Blueszug’s wish was of course the thing. The concert was also fun for the kids. They played tag and danced to the music. Thanks to the food carts in the Luberzen district, food and drink were also provided. Four of the five food trucks were open.

The audience cheered and the children entertained

The concert attracted a large crowd. Basset Stefan Rohrer was also happy: “The weather wasn’t ideal on Saturday morning – so we were very happy that so many people found their way to the Luberzenareal.” The concert was private to Rohrer. He’s working across from the Luberzen district and asked the community if he could perform there with one of his three bands. Now the first concert is already history and many will follow.

The concert and the creation of the Luberzen district were well received by the audience.

“It is a very relaxed atmosphere. I am looking forward to more regional and friendly events like this one”,

Said about Stefan Opisio of Urdorf. He will also be playing on the site with his band, Jump-Rock.

“We are very happy with the start. More people came than we expected.”

Martin Bucci of the Urdorf Committee for Culture is satisfied with the start of open-air concerts in the Luberzen district.

Martin Bucci of the Urdorf Committee for Culture is satisfied with the start of open-air concerts in the Luberzen district.

Archive / Tabia Welshlegger

said Martin Bucci of Urdorf Culture Committee.

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