May 23, 2024

The Black Irish will be rebranded after a two-year legal battle with Mariah Carey

The spirit would soon be marketed as “Born Irish”.

A major dispute over the name “Black Irish” between Mariah Carey and the Darker Still Spirits Company ended two years later with the sale of the naming rights to the American star. The whiskey-based Irish spirit will be renamed “Born Irish” and Mariah Carey will be able to sell Black Irish Cream Liqueur under that name in the future.

In June 2020, Darker Still Spirits launched a spirit under the name Black Irish, a blend of triple distilled malt and grain whiskeys refined with strong beers and a dark malt infusion. The naming rights for this were already registered in 2015.

When Mariah Carey launched her Black Irish Cream Liqueur in August 2021, she was banned from entering the European and UK markets under that name. But it’s this particular name Black Irish that’s important to her because of her origins, as her mother is of Irish-American descent and her father is “half black, half Venezuelan.”

The dispute is now over in the aforementioned comparison and it is assumed that the interest achieved in this way will not necessarily have a negative impact on sales of the two spirits.

Advice for the collectors and speculators among our buyers: Here in the shop there are still a few copies of the former Black Irish. But of course you can also enjoy it right away…