The biggest streamer on Twitch stared at the website for 7 hours, breaking the viewership record

Twitch Streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel currently attracts an average of 71,149 viewers through its live streams. At the same time playing It is an electronic gameMario Kart League of Legends. Now, he has not broken his record by playing an amazing game, but simply by staring at a well-known website.

How did xQc break your watch history? xQc streamed his screen while displaying a subreddit. For about 7 hours, the viewer stared at the subreddit and the viewers with him.

Meanwhile, it even reached 274,545 viewers, which is a new record for a broadcaster, because xQc’s previous record was 222,720 viewers.

Otherwise, Lengyel made a name for himself because he was constantly forbidden. So far, he’s been kicked out of the livestream platform five times.

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Why was the subreddit so interesting?

It’s about a subreddit p / place, which brought a fun feature back to life on April 1st. Reddit users were allowed to place a pixel on the drawing board every 5 minutes, which was shown in the subreddit at all times.

The campaign first took place in 2017 and since then users have wanted to get the fun back. At that time, more than 1 million reddit users participated and over 16 million pixels were placed.

At this year’s event, some live stream creators and communities joined forces to create a diverse array of artwork. For example, small figures “among us” were distributed everywhere or nationalities were represented in the form of flags.

The campaign was so successful that it was extended several times and the available space on the image increased.

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On the night of April 5, the scene ended and countless pixels were placed on a large screen of 1440 x 5730. You can check out the full action interval in this reddit post:

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xQc made its viewers inhabit animals, anime and butts

What did xQc do on the subreddit? While he was keeping track of what was happening on the subreddit, he also sent his viewers there to switch with him (via Twitter). So he innocently chopped up a cow with a rainbow while cheering his viewers on.

Next, xQc goes to the pixels in the cartoon characters before getting a ‘cool idea’. The Lengyel had a larger area colored black to immortalize the first bottom portion of the gaming character. He was still wearing a tight pink jumpsuit.

Later in the stream, he recently picked another, 2B from NieR: Automata. This was pretty much bare-bones and was meant to be placed over the French flag. But before the masterpiece was finally laid out, the subreddit tweaks intervened and the rear was monitored twice with large black areas.

You can see the streaming device’s disappointment in this Twitch clip:

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This action by xQc made waves on the subreddit and other platforms. Many considered the chosen image inappropriate and complained that xQc destroyed the works in its images.

However, the viewer only saw the entertainment behind it: “I enjoyed it. I think it’s funny. (…) I think it was fun for everyone, everyone can create something. (…) I thought it was just a board for fun, on the site Fun letter.” He said he didn’t want to offend or hurt anyone.

what about you? Did you also get involved in the campaign on reddit and did you even manage to immortalize a small photo? What do you think of the event? Write it to us in the comments.

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