May 23, 2024

The big conclusion to Logitech G Cup Fortnite Winter Edition

The Logitech G Cup Fortnite Winter Edition Final took place on February 20, 2023 and had a lot to offer. We have broadcast highlights and tell you who won.




Things went well from the start

Out of over 9,000 participants, there are now only 98 players left. In the first round, 48 teams will play against each other and they are already in action!

In the second round everything changes again. The previous winners had already been eliminated after 17 minutes by their opponents from the previous round. Revenge is just sweet.

Favorite team of Janisz and rezonay is construction For a long time with only one exit in the lowland. Meanwhile, Nakon and DaanFN dominated the high ground with 10 eliminations. But Janisz and rezonay managed to pressure them from the bottom and finally took the win with 5 eliminations.

Slept through the cup?

Even before the final match begins, Fortnite pro Fray from Team Aight must be chilling. His teammate Clown appears just before the start of the first lap and has not yet managed to impress in the first two laps. But in the third round he showed what he can do. Fry and Clown own the high ground early on and win the match in a showdown against Fico and Kylie.

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Snowballs and old hands

In the fourth round, round 2 winner JanisZ is put through the wringer. His biggest problem is a snowball.

At the age of 21, Fortnite is already old school, but Robabz and Shaykoz didn’t stop it in the third round!

They also made it to the late game in the fourth round, but were eventually eliminated by the winners in the first round.

The underdogs fight their way to the top!

In the fifth round, the cards are shuffled, Nakhon and DaanFN He finishes 34th and Destruu and Skydeun are eliminated in 31st. Fry and Clown also take on only 12th, Yannis and Reasonai 9th, and Robabz and Chicose 8th.

Spinex and Stilianiscracked underdogs take the top spot in this round.

Narrow win

Logitech G Cup stays exciting until the very end. On the last lap nobody gives up. All teams once again show what they can do and Asafn and glubschi can decide the last round themselves.

But who is the overall winner? After 6 rounds, Coope, Giljus, Robabz, and Shaykoz all had equal points, and both teams scored with consistently good performances. Neither team managed to win a round. In the end, it is decided that both teams will be eliminated and Coope and Giljus get 3 more eliminations, victory, and with it 1500 euros!

All information about the cup can be found here:

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More info on the pros who were there:

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