The Biden Administration will replace the entire federal vehicle fleet with electric vehicles

President Biden announced the switch as part of the Made in America Executive Order.

Gaben Botsford / Washington Post via Getty Image

Running a country requires a lot of things, and one of these things is a large collection of vehicles. Right now, the vast majority of these vehicles – if not all – are running on fossil fuels of some kind, but according to an announcement by President Biden on Monday, that will change.

The current Federal Vehicle Fleet is estimated at Around 645,000 vehiclesPresident Biden plans to replace them all with US-made EVs. The US-made portion of this is necessary because the ad was part of the Biden ad Executive Order “Made in America”, Which is set to redirect a large portion of government spending to US companies and US-made products.

The announcement comes after a great deal of talk during the Biden presidential campaign about pushing Americans more toward electric cars and clean energy in general. Unfortunately, management hasn’t included a timeline for their announcement, so when the change really starts is anyone’s guess.

Looming large number of Federal Fleet vehicles needing replacement is the current fleet of U.S. Postal Service delivery vehicles – many of them still Grumman LV Which became the preferred medium for the post office in the 1980s. Several companies have bid for a contract to build a replacement LLV, but so far, None of them have been selected.

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