December 1, 2023

The best excerpts from TOP 833

The best excerpts from TOP 833

What should not be missing from any Hamburg TOP 800 Radio? Your favorite mega songs, of course, that you can listen to non-stop for 65 hours, but also one or two hilarious little mishaps that happen with a lot of constant moderation. Of course, there were also bankruptcies, misfortune and collapse in TOP 833, which we certainly do not want to hide from you.

Funny quotes from TOP 833

Probably everyone knows: if you talk for a long time, get confused, talk really nonsense or just can’t find the right words. Of course, this also happens to your top 833 brokers with 65 hours of continuous supervision. Plus, all sorts of weird things happen in the top 800 every year, which find their way right to you through the microphone. In case you missed a show like this, we have it all for you right here!

Top 833 Highlights: Luca Automatically Sings “Je Veux”

Top 833 Highlights: Luca & Alex and the Easter Fire

833 best highlight: the security service has a sunburn

Top 833 Highlights: Luca stumbles and Alex chokes

Top 833 Highlights: Luca & Alex and the evil button

Top 833 Highlight: Luca & Alex Come Again

Highlight of the 833’s best: Luca and Alex have absolutely no one