June 21, 2024

The Beavers are back in London and they have a specific mission to do.

The Beavers are back in London and they have a specific mission to do.

There have been no beavers in London for over 400 years. Two samples were released in the British capital. On the other hand, animals have to put up with a lot.

A historic moment was captured in a short video shared on Twitter, as a tan animal with long brown fur begins swimming in a stream in the most beautiful sunlight. The film, released by Enfield Borough Council in the north of the city on Thursday, marks the end of a 400-year period in which London was beaver-free. Environmental activists are excited about the news.

In the future, two beavers, one male and one female, will make their rounds on a six-hectare site with small streams. The animals were also given a task: to build dams to recreate the river landscape in the area. So do what most beavers do: cut down trees and build beaver huts.

The BBC was delighted that “Beaver is back in London”. Both animals are less than two years old. It aims to help restore semi-natural habitats along the banks of tall rivers. As the water is filtered through the dams they build, it moves more slowly. This reduces the risk of flooding, and in times of constant drought, the work of animal builders even helps conserve water. As a result, beavers will be a very British response to climate change concerns.

In North London, beavers have their own fenced territory.

They have been exploring their public accessible fenced grounds in north London since Thursday. It will also be monitored by students from Capel Manor College, the environmental school responsible for the beaver settlement project, which is implemented in partnership with Enfield Borough and aims to document how the environment has changed as a result of the large construction activities of the rodents.

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However, observers are already hoping for a beaver’s love story, because work is not everything in life. The British press has speculated that there may be offspring next year. According to Enfield County, beavers’ personalities should be different, with the female being “less confident” than the male.

Although beavers have not existed in London for four centuries, the animals have been reintroduced to other parts of the United Kingdom such as Scotland.

They have disappeared from many parts of Europe for some time due to being heavily hunted. Also in great demand was the famous glandular secretion, “kakap”, from which all kinds of products, including perfumes, are made.

Beavers have long been found in cities of Germany, including Berlin and Munich.

BBC, Citizen Zoo and Berliner Morgenpost are some of the sources mentioned.

According to the city of Eppingen, the lake was formed from the stagnant waters of Hillsbachtalsper. For weeks, the rodents had carefully stacked twigs and flailed on top of each other, blocking the water.


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