The American Election: An Outstanding Game in the United States

The United States continues to look forward to the close proximity of the presidential election. During the ongoing vote count, Joe Biden saw slight advantages on Wednesday, to which incumbent President Donald Trump responded: The Republican renewed unfounded claims that there was widespread fraud in the election. State officials urged caution and patience to respect the will of the electorate.

On election night, Trump declared himself the winner in the White House during the ongoing counting process and announced that he would take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court. “We were on the verge of winning these elections,” the president said early Wednesday morning, adding, “Frankly, we won these elections.” The Biden campaign team accused Trump of wanting to halt legitimate vote counting. This is “outrageous, unprecedented, and wrong.” Trump had already raised the mood against voting by mail during the election campaign and raised doubts about his legitimacy – although mail voting is a consistent form of voting. And he warned of massive fraud without any documented evidence. There was no evidence of significant fraud in the elections.

The count was followed in several states in the Midwest and South with great interest on Wednesday. In Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, Biden had little lead. It said in a statement that the Trump campaign team may wish to request a recount in Wisconsin, where “irregularities” have occurred in some places “which raises serious doubts about the validity of the results.”

According to Bremen political analyst Lothar Probst, the United States is in a difficult position after the elections. “I suspect that the United States is now sliding into the hanging game, which could be very dangerous,” Probst said in an interview with this newspaper. It also considers violent confrontations possible. Jens Eckhoff, CDU Member of Parliament and member of the prestigious Atlantik-Brücke Association, sees democracy as a winner. “Despite predictions of doom, Americans were able to hold regular elections in all 50 states during the pandemic,” he wrote in a commentary on the election. Above all, the high turnout is remarkable.

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The Democrats were hoping for a clear electoral victory

The 74-year-old Trump performed significantly better in the election overall than expected according to the polls. Biden, who is three years older than him, missed the obvious election victory the Democrats had hoped for and was beaten by the Republican president in Florida and Texas, among others. Before the election, the statistics portal “Five Thirty Eight” calculated a 10% probability of a Trump victory.

The President of the United States is not elected directly by the citizens, but by the electors. With the exception of Nebraska and Maine, all of their votes go to the winner in the respective state. 270 votes are required to enter the White House. In 2016, Trump won fewer votes across the country than Hillary Clinton, but he won more voters. According to expectations, the Democrats were able to defend their majority in the House of Representatives in the congressional elections, but they suffered a severe setback in the battle over the Senate.

Several Republican senators, who were seen as a shaky candidate, were able to defend their seats. The Democrats were able to catch one seat at first – according to the Associated Press calculations, they won 45 and the Republicans 47. Among other things, the Senate confirms candidates for government or Supreme Court positions, making them especially important for a president.

Democratic spokeswoman for the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi defended her seat in California, and the 80-year-old had already made it clear that she wanted to apply again for a leadership position. Among the Republicans elected politician Marjorie Taylor Green to the House of Representatives, who is considered a supporter of the conspiracy movement Qunun. The central claim of QAnon supporters is that there is supposed to be a plot against Trump.

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