October 3, 2023

The 65-year-old Santa Monica bakery is about to close

The 65-year-old Santa Monica bakery is about to close

Westside Food Scene January 14, 2021

By Keri Slater

The 65-year-old Santa Monica bakery is about to close

This beloved 65-year-old Santa Monica bakery is about to close.

Vienna Pastry (1215 Wilshire Blvd) has been making pastries, pies, and pastries enjoyed by generations of Santa Monica residents for 65 years. In 1988, the Gaddafi family took over the head of the bakery after fleeing the Islamic revolution in Iran. The family has run the business ever since, with three sisters baking and other operations. Now, with the bakery cutting 40 percent, maturing late rent and the owner wanting to increase the rent, the bakery is on the verge of closing.

To attract new clients, Vienna Pastry is expanding its menu to include vegetarian and healthy offerings along with an awareness campaign via social media. In addition to clients and friends The bakery created GoFundMe to help cover back rent.

“The three sisters who have run the business for 35 years have done their best to continue baking and serving neighborhood families during this difficult time. We have had multiple generations celebrating their happiest occasions with Vienna sweets and goodies. Their family story is a true American dream of success. They left Iran to escape from Tyranny and discrimination, in the hope of providing a better life for their children and future generations. Watching them struggle to keep the store open has deeply affected us all, ” It reads GoFundMeThat is trying to collect $ 50,000. As of Thursday, more than $ 4,000 have been raised.

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Expansion of the famous Westside Donut Store

Photo: Sidecar Donuts & Coffee (Facebook).

Popular Westside Donuts Store is expanding its presence in Los Angeles. As I mentioned What now Los Angeles, Sidecar Donuts & Coffee will open in Manhattan Beach and Fairfax Street. Since it started with a location in Costa Mesa in 2013, the chain has become popular on the West Side by opening stores in Santa Monica and Del Mar. Sidecar introduces a “fresh world donut”, making donuts daily from scratch, and frying in small batches all day long. The cakes are well received, including from Food Network Who included them in The best thing I have ever eaten. The Fairfax site should open this month. The opening date for Manhattan Beach has not yet been set.

“No tricks”, NYC style pizza coming to West Side

Photo: Prime Pizza (Facebook)

A popular pizzeria promoting authentic NYC style pies “No Gimmicks” is coming to the Westside. As I mentioned What now Los AngelesAnd the Prime Pizza will open its doors this spring at 12219 Santa Monica Boulevard in the former Pizza Hut building. The restaurant will place a great emphasis on takeout and delivery, while keeping the terms of the pandemic ahead. The other three restaurant locations include Little Tokyo, Burbank, and Fairfax. “We make the dough at home every day and let it rest overnight to develop the flavor and structure it needs. We use Grande cheese from Wisconsin and slice it ourselves to get the perfect melting. Our sauce is made with local California tomatoes, salt and oregano. No fillers. No tricks. Just pizza,” This is what the restaurant website reads.

A popular cafe adding a new storefront on the west side

Photo: Alfred Covey (Facebook).

A popular artisanal coffee chain known for its captivating slogan “But first, the coffee” and its celebrity clientele is opening a location in Westwood Village. According to a company spokesperson, Alfred Coffee will open at 1154 Westwood Boulevard (formerly Peet’s Coffee) in the summer of 2021.

“Owner Josh Zad spent most of his childhood in Westwood Village; from UCLA summer camp to playing in the local driveways for ice cream (and CDs) with his late grandfather. Westwood will always hold a very special place in his heart and has always been looking forward to bringing Alfred to this neighborhood jewel. When the place and time are right, in addition, Josh was also pleased to attend UCLA Business School in Los Angeles Anderson, cementing his already deep relationships with the neighborhood, ”the company wrote in an email.

Alfred Coffee has 11 locations in Los Angeles including Venice, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills and Silver Lake, along with an Austin store and four Japanese stores.

The famous deli jewish restaurant suddenly closes permanently

Image: Posters Table (Facebook).

A 46-year-old deli Jewish restaurant in the Century City area has closed due to a family emergency.

“After 46 years of service in Los Angeles, we closed our doors on December 31, 2020. It has been a great pleasure serving this community for nearly 5 decades. We want to thank our customers from the bottom of our hearts for their kind support for 46 years! Happy New Year to all of our customers. And our sincere friends. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity in 2021, ” Reads Label’s Table location, Which was located at 9226 W Pico Blvd.

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As I mentioned I eat Los Angeles, A note on the door of the restaurant citing a family emergency as the reason for the closure.

“Due to a family emergency, we regret that we must now close forever,” the memo said. “We want to thank you all for your continued support for 46 years. We will miss you. We love you.”