June 20, 2024

The 2022 Freestyle Skating Championships will be attended by 120 participants from more than 20 countries

The 2022 Freestyle Skating Championships will be attended by 120 participants from more than 20 countries

This year’s European Open in Freestyle Skating will take place from 2-4 September in Brandenburg. About 120 participants from more than 20 countries, such as France, Sweden, Romania, England, Japan, USA, Malaysia and of course Germany, will celebrate the three-day free skating and compete for the coveted places in the beginners, girls and amateurs categories and pros and masters compete on the podium. The venue is the wonderful industrial museum of what was once the largest steel mill in the German Democratic Republic.

Freestyle skating is a separate discipline of skateboarding. The Euro Freestyle Championship is now taking place for the fourth time. It is a young event on a growth trajectory that has established itself in the region in the past three years. The increasing number of visitors and the large international launch pad from year to year prove the interest in it.

Creative days run parallel to the tournament. Under the motto “In Front of Everything”, around 15 artists will present works from fields such as fine art, graffiti and street art, and the program’s goal above all is to interact and entertain audiences of all generations. Visitors can and should take part in the many colorful campaign platforms and performances, creatively design them themselves or simply enjoy the works on display.

There will also be several stations where points can be collected, which will be rewarded with some surprises.

Auto-Technik Dähne is a partner of the event for the second time in a row. “Our passion for action unites us on four wheels. It is a pleasure to be able to support the team behind the event, who put so much commitment and heart into this, so that we can offer the best possible entertainment to our participants and visitors. We also strive to enhance the area we live in. in. From the region and for the region and with this event also at the international level.”

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