July 12, 2024

The 2021 Porsche European Open has been postponed for two days

The 2021 Porsche European Open has been postponed for two days

Next week’s Porsche European Open will take place from Saturday 5 June to Monday 7 June. The European Championship was postponed by two days with the reduction to three rounds and 54 holes was inevitable after the German government decided last weekend to designate Great Britain as an alternative region for the virus. Most of the people involved were not able to enter Germany on time.

Porsche European Open postponed

Due to regulations that went into effect over the weekend, nearly a third of the planned 156-player stadium, along with a similar number of boxes and a large number of European Tour staff, were unable to enter Germany. The mandatory quarantine period of at least ten days outside the UK. A two-day delay in the start date will allow the vast majority of those affected to spend the necessary time outside the UK, during and after Made in Himmerland in Denmark this week. They will then be able to enter Germany in the middle of next week.

The postponement enables the tournament to take place and has no effect on the field of first-class players. This is led by English champion Paul Casey and Abraham Aniser from Mexico, both of which are currently in the top 20 world rankings, as well as main champion Martin Kaymer from Germany and Henrik Stinson from Sweden.

Tournament director Dirk Glittenberg can also look favorably at the upcoming tournament week after extensive planning the past few days. “It was a huge effort on everyone involved, and culminated in success: The Porsche European Open could be held this year. I can only thank everyone who made this possible in the shortest time possible and under the greatest pressure. After the cancellation last year, golf fans can look forward to To a great tournament. “

Keith Bailey: “Thanks for your flexibility, understanding and unwavering support”

“The big changes in travel announced last week made it impossible for us to simply start the European Porsche Open as planned without affecting the stadium and the integrity of the tournament in an unacceptable way,” says Keith Bailey, CEO of European Tours.

“So we are very grateful to all the participants, especially the main partner Porsche and the promoter UCOM Event for their flexibility, understanding and unwavering support in making these fundamental changes shortly before the tournament, while it was already a large part of the infrastructure. This has allowed us not only to present as many as possible. Our members have important gaming opportunities, but also to present this prestigious event to Germany and our television audience all over the world in an appropriate manner. “

Officials are also working extensively to enable spectators to experience the Porsche European Open on site. The exchange with the authorities is positive and there is still great hope for a solution in the coming days.

(Text: Porsche European Open)