April 23, 2024

That’s why Scotland Yard doesn’t believe Pauline’s story

Once again the case of Maddie McCann (then 3), who disappeared in 2007, made headlines. The reason: A 21-year-old Polish woman named Julia Wendell claims to be the British Girl on Instagram.

A few days ago, Wendell opened a matching account. The official name: “Help, I want to talk to Kate and Jerry McCann.” (Original: “iammadelemaccan”) Compared to the Daily Star, Wendell mentioned several “traumas” in her childhood as well as several “memory gaps”.

So far, she has posted around 50 Instagram posts comparing her appearance to that of the British girl and her parents. Police in her home country and British officials asked her to compare her DNA.

Scotland Yard has now announced that they do not believe the young woman’s claims. That’s why the DNA comparison will not be conducted, according to officials. Maddie, if she were still alive, would be 19, two years younger than Julia Wendell, as they say.

British police are also still convinced that Maddie died on the day of her disappearance. The Polish woman is another person who is falsely claiming to be the girl.

To support this thesis, experts from the London Police used age progression software to see if there was any similarity. After analysis, they explained that the young woman did not look like Maddie McCann.

You mentioned many cases of girls who claimed to be the missing girl. Because of the many cases with similar backgrounds, Scotland Yard refuses to check the DNA of the young woman.

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