That’s why Jessie Mei Li is the perfect actor for the successful Netflix channel

In interviews, shooting star Jesse May Lee talks about her origins and how far she can understand Alina Starkov’s suffering.

“I look at it; Bardogo, the author of the Griffiths novels, told me in an interview Expression Via Jessie Mei Li’s app video sent to her along with four more videos. The writer’s enthusiasm for her lead actress was already spreading with fans all over the world even before the release of the Netflix series “Shadow and Bone – Legends of Grisha”.

And this, despite the fact that the cast with Jessie Mei Li goes hand in hand with a critical change compared to the original: unlike the book version in the series, Alina Starkov is half Shu. As a result, she not only had to bear the fate of the orphan, but also faced the ugly face of racism since childhood. Time and time again, it is shown to her that she does not belong to Rafka.

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This is something Jesse Mi Lee can understand very well, as she talks Vanity Fair Let him know. Her mother is British, her father canonisia:

“I grew up with her. That’s why I feel so attached to Alina. She grew up in a mostly white region in southern England. Racism against Asians is more unusual in the UK than in the US and is not taken seriously.”

She herself was constantly insulted in a racist way. But not just her, her father is said to be constantly taunted in front of her eyes (trans my world). And like Alina Starkov, the 25-year-old didn’t feel like she belonged anywhere due to her roots:

“It definitely brought a lot of my own experience. Racism in the series, little comments that come in and out of nowhere, I think. […] You think you are in a pleasant environment and suddenly a note appears out of the blue. In my experience, this is largely the case. “

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The decision to change Alina Starkov’s assets was not a decision made by model Eric Heserer alone; In fact, writer Leigh Bardogo welcomed the change as she spoke to beating Let him know:

“I was very open to the fact that“ Golden Flame ”was my first book. And I think I was subconsciously imagining the all-white fantasy that I grew up with. When I first met Eric Heserer, one of the first things we decided was for Alina to be a half-show. It made sense. Very much and I felt that he was an organic part of the story. “

This identity crisis, which countless heroes have to go through, is a driving factor for the stories, according to Heisserer. So Alina Starkov as a half-show was useful to the plot. For Jessie Mei Li, on the other hand, it was important to know that this group was not created from pure account and as part of the diversity trend.

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