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“That’s My Jam with Bill & Tom Kaulitz”: These stars come on the show

Updated 4/20/2023 7:57 PM

Starting May 12th, the new show “That’s My Jam with Bill & Tom Kaulitz” will premiere on RTL+. In addition to the start date, the broadcaster also announced the cast of the six episodes planned so far. In the first season, the honors were made by Jean Delay, Jesna Fritsy-Bauer, Daniel Donskoy and Elif.

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Starts Friday, May 12th invoice And Tom Kaulitz her first music programme on RTL+. In addition to the start date for “That’s My Jam with Bill & Tom Kaulitz,” the broadcaster also announced 24 celebrities who will duel the twins in a series of musical and trivia games in the first season.

It starts in the first episode with the rapper Jean DeLayThe one next to the star “Tattoort” Jasna Fritsy Power With actor Daniel Donskoy and musician Elif.

Go at the highest level. In the second issue, Mia appeared as the lead singer, Miz Katz, co-star Schlager Michelle, singer Bonnie Strange, and co-star Alicia Awa. In other episodes, stars such as Jennifer West, Balina Roginski, Gildo Horn, Sasha, Alvaro Soler and Motsi Mabuse also participate in the ceremony. A total of six episodes have been announced so far, which are always available on the RTL+ streaming portal on Fridays and two weeks later are also shown on Fridays at 11:30pm on RTL TV.

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“That’s My Jam” from USA

RTL acquired the rights to the NBC program “That’s My Jam”, hosted in the US by talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The first season was a huge surprise hit in the US and reached an incredible 250 million viewers. Season 2 has been running since March 2023. Stars like Ariana Grande, John Legend, Rita Ora, Kate Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, Jason Derulo and Nicole Scherzinger have already paid their respects there.
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