That is why the Swiss travel to Brazil, Mexico and Co., despite the danger.

According to the Travel Safety Index, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa are among the deadliest travel destinations. However, these countries are popular with the Swiss. Why?

Beach in Tulum, Mexico. Many Swiss spend their Easter here. – AFP / Archive

The basics in brief

  • Mexico, Brazil and South Africa are among the deadliest holiday destinations.
  • However, the sun, the beach and the culture draw the Swiss to these destinations.
  • Travel agents pay attention to EDA warnings to ensure traveler safety.

According to the Travel Safety Index, the following 10 countries are the deadliest holiday destinations: South Africa, India, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, Cambodia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

The index was created by The Swiftest, a Californian insurance company. The number of deaths per 100,000 population was considered in each case.

Anyone who thinks “Wait a minute, I’ve been there before!” Not alone. Finally, the list includes several destinations that are also very popular with the Swiss. Despite the danger.

The sun, the beach and the culture beckon

“Our customers can feel the longing to travel abroad, to discover new countries and cultures, to feel the warm sand between their feet,” Hotelplan writes on order.

Per TUI Suisse, Mexico and the Dominican Republic are among the “Top 5 Long Distance Destinations for This Year’s Summer Season.” South Africa is also popular compared to the last few years, the tour operator writes on demand.

“Our guests especially appreciate the guaranteed sun, gorgeous beaches, and fun culture.”

opinion poll

Have you been to Mexico, Brazil or the Dominican Republic before?

When it comes to travel behaviour, the post-pandemic catch-up effect can still be seen. “For tourist areas, the risks are not a big issue for our customers,” TUI continued.

Travel agencies follow the warnings of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy

“General classifications of travel destinations as safe or unsafe are, in our opinion, usually inappropriate,” Cooney says.

The travel group uses the information received from the authorities to assess the security situation currently at the holiday destination. “Needless to say, we do not offer excursions to destinations if the Federal Foreign Office (FDFA) advises against doing so.”

Hotelplan also pays attention to travel advice from EDA. Plus, thanks to the connection to local agents, travel advisors are up to date. “The safety of our guests is always our top priority,” says Hotelplan.

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