July 15, 2024

Texas requested an interview with Eric Binemi

Texas requested an interview with Eric Binemi

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The Texas team failed to request a head coach interview with Chiefs Eric Bieniemy offensive coordinator just after the end of the regular season. It is reported annoyed Quarterback Deshawn Watson The team is now trying to go the other way.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reports that they have Interview request With Bieniemy to open them.

Binemi will not be able to meet the team until next week at the earliest. Bieniemy was available to interview the Jets, Jaguars, Chargers, Falcons, and Lions last week because the Presidents were saying goodbye, but he wouldn’t be able to talk to Texas until the bosses finished playing.

The Chiefs are the top seed in the AFC and no one will be surprised if they return to the Super Bowl, which will make a long wait for an interview.

All of this assumes that the request will be met with a favorable response from Benemi given the reluctance of the team to request it before Watson’s displeasure becomes a subject of public debate. They were in the process of hiring General Manager Nick C├ícerio and it might have changed the direction of their search for training, however They have spoken to Panther’s attack coordinator Joe Brady without Casereo.

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