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Texas Economic Development Company Completes Successful Business Development Mission to Europe | newsletter

Austin, TexasAnd the October 6 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Texas Economic Development Corporation (TxEDC), the private arm of a public-private partnership with Governor Greg Abbott’s Texas Office of Economic Development and Tourism, recently completed an international mission for economic development that included high-level meetings with government officials, executives, and events in LondonAnd the Paris And the Frankfurt held.

The Texas delegation included the First Lady of Texas, Cecilia AbbottTexas Secretary of State John Scottpresident and CEO of the Texas Economic Development Corporation, Robert AllenExecutive Secretary of the Texas Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism, Adriana Cruzplus dozens of other business development leaders from across Texas.

“Following our meetings and events in Europe, I can confidently report that the Texas brand continues to enjoy an excellent reputation around the world,” he said. Robert AllenPresident and CEO of the Texas Economic Development Corporation. “Our delegation is proud to have met with business leaders and hosted events to continue making Texas the best state for business. We hope to expand and create new business opportunities as a result of this journey.”

During the business mission, which ran September 26-30, the delegation met with business leaders who see Texas as a location to establish or expand their presence and create more jobs for the state. in London And the Paris The delegation met with the trade leaders of the concerned US embassies, as well as with the US ambassador to France, Dennis Campbell Power.

He said, “It has been a great honor to represent the people of Texas at our meetings with trade and business leaders from the United Kingdom, France and Germany.” Cecilia Abbottthe first lady from Texas. “It is easy to claim the economic benefits that only Texas can offer with our pool of young, skilled, diverse and growing workforce. Our human capital is a magnet for new business investments from around the world. I would like to thank all of our hosts, especially Ambassador Power and the embassy staff at London And the Parisfor their warm welcome. conservative I look forward to returning the favor to you on your next visit Lone Star State to welcome.”

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Texas maintains good trade and economic relations with the United Kingdom, France and Germany, as evidenced by the 580 projects completed in the past 10 years. Texas Reported for pretending. These projects are expected to generate $21.2 billion in capital investment and create more than 34,100 new jobs.

“Texas is unique when it comes to doing business, and I am proud and privileged to be part of such an amazing delegation to Europe last week to share our success story around the world,” said Secretary of State Scott. I thank the First Lady, Robert and Adriana for their leadership and look forward to faster economic growth in Texas to experience.”

when The delegation visited the headquarters of Volkswagen in Wolfsburg on the last leg of the business mission.

“I am honored to join this highly successful mission to develop business in Europe and help tell the Texas success story to decision makers in three of our largest international trade and investment markets,” he said. Adriana Cruz, executive director of the Texas Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Tourism. “Under the leadership of Governor Abbott Texas has become the most popular destination for foreign direct investment in the United States and has been the largest exporter for the past 20 years. Our office is dedicated to maintaining Texas’ competitive advantages for international businesses to continue to thrive.”

Next to the first lady from TexasD., the Texas Secretary of State and Executive Director of the Texas Bureau of Economic Development and Tourism, the following business development organizations from across the state participated in the international mission:

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Amarillo Economic Development Company
Arlington Economic Development Corporation
Brazos Valley Foundation for Economic Development

Dallas Regional Chamber
Frisco Economic Development Co.
Larger: SATX Regional Economic Partnership
Partnership for the greater region San Marcos
Great Chamber of Commerce Waco
Economic Development Partnership Irving
Lubbock Alliance for Economic Development
McKinney Association for Economic Development
Borderplex Alliance (El Paso)

The Texas Economic Development Corporation (TxEDC) is an independently funded and operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to economic development, business attraction, and job creation in Texas. A public-private partnership between TxEDC and the Texas Economic Development and Tourism Office of the Governor’s Office is promoting Texas as a prime business location to let corporate decision makers and site selection consultants know they can make it big in Texas. For more information about TxEDC, see www.GoBigInTexas.com.

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