May 18, 2024

Tesla unveils the third row of the new Model Y with pictures, and it is very small

Tesla unveils the third row of the new Model Y with pictures, and it is very small

Tesla has unveiled the first images of the new third-row Model Y for the 7-seat variant, which is surprisingly small.

The option for the third row of the Tesla Model Y 7 seats

Earlier this week, we reported on Tesla Opening orders for the Y Standard Range RWD and the 7-seat third-row option.

Tesla has promised to release 7-seater Model Y since launch in March 2019.

It surprised many that the third row would fit in a small SUV, but Tesla said it was viable.

Production of the Model Y began in early 2020, but the automaker has focused on other versions of its electric SUV.

Now, Tesla begins production of the new Y 7-seat variant, which costs $ 3,000, and the automaker has included some features that come with the new interior:

  • Third row seats for two people
  • Easy entry to the third grade
  • USB-C charging for the third row
  • Sliding second row seats with adjustable backs
  • The second and third rows fold flat for maximum cargo storage
  • Flat trunk electronic folding operations

We caught A few glimpses of the Y third-row in prototypes Before, but that was more than a year ago, and Tesla hasn’t unveiled new images yet.

3rd row photos of the Tesla Model Y

For a while, there were rumors that Tesla would be running in the third row facing backward, which would have provided a bit more space, but Tesla went with the third row facing forward.

The Model Y is a very small, third-row SUV, and the original appearance confirmed it would be small.

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Now, new photos revealed by Tesla confirm the production version of the third-row Model Y that it is actually very small:

Originally, Tesla’s website stated that the 7-seat option would fit “7 adults,” but the car manufacturer has now updated its website to write “7 people.”

This is perhaps more accurate because the third grade is definitely more kid-friendly – making it a great choice for families with children.

Young adults will likely be seated in the back, but not very comfortable.

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