July 17, 2024

Tensions in Ukraine – Biden talks to Putin over the phone

Tensions in Ukraine – Biden talks to Putin over the phone

Tensions in Ukraine – Biden talks to Putin over the phone

The conflict over the Crimea is getting worse. While Russia and Ukraine blame each other for the escalation, international concerns are growing. Now Biden proposes a meeting with Putin.

What happened?

Tensions about Russia The annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea is nothing new. However, these dimensions are now taking on new dimensions: For several weeks, the deployment of Russian forces along the Ukrainian border was of international concern. This is the largest deployment of forces since the annexation of Crimea in 2014, on the sidelines of a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Koliba in Brussels, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Tuesday. The concentration of the armed forces is “unjustified, unjustified and extremely disturbing.” .

Crimean Crisis

In 2014 Russia annexed the Ukrainian island of Crimea. To this day, the European Union and other countries consider this event contrary to international law, which is why they do not recognize the Crimea as part of the Russian Federation.

Since the annexation, pro-Russian separatists have controlled parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions along the Russian border. The peace plan passed in 2015 is actually on hold and there are frequent clashes between government units and the rebels.

In the past few weeks in particular, tensions have escalated. In light of the fragile ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, Russia has warned against NATO soldiers’ support for the government in Kiev. Interfax quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying in Moscow on Friday that such a scenario would undoubtedly lead to more tensions near the Russian border. Of course, the Russian side will then have to take additional measures to ensure their security. “

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What is Russia’s response?

Last week, Russia accused NATO of “hysteria” and called on the military alliance to end the “aggressive campaign.” The Russian Foreign Ministry criticized on Wednesday that the West was trying to hold Moscow responsible for the escalation of tensions in the Donbas and on the Russia-Ukraine border.

At the same time, the ministry acknowledged that there were “measures by the Russian armed forces to prepare to fight.” However, this time of year is always planned. Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sakharova confirmed that it is not stronger than usual. “We call for the conflict in the Donbas to be solved exclusively by peaceful means.”

How does Ukraine react?

The Ukrainian military has denied Russia’s claims about alleged preparations for an attack on separatist regions in eastern Ukraine. Taking back the areas under the control of the pro-Russian separatists “will inevitably lead to the death of a large number of civilians and casualties among those performing military service.”Army Commander Ruslan Khomchak said in Kiev last Friday.

Ukrainian soldier on the front lines with pro-Russian rebels near Donetsk.

Photo: Cornerstone

The Ukraine She has now stressed that she will continue to give preference to a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Nevertheless, the army is ready to give an “appropriate answer” in the event of an escalation. However, Khomchak said in one at the end of March Interview Also, President Volodymyr Zelensky had no problem giving the order to attack.

How is the United States reacting?

Against the backdrop of escalating tensions, the US president has it Joe Biden He suggested holding a summit meeting of Kremlin President Vladimir Putin. In a phone conversation with Putin on Tuesday, Biden expressed concern about the sudden build-up of Russian forces on the Ukrainian border and in the Crimea peninsula on the Black Sea, The White House announced.

The US President suggested holding a summit in a third country in the coming months “to discuss the full range of issues facing the United States and Russia.”

Biden is trying to talk to Putin in order to calm the situation in Ukraine.

Biden is trying to talk to Putin in order to calm the situation in Ukraine.

Photo: Cornerstone

The Moscow Kremlin confirmed Biden’s proposal, but left the field open on whether Putin would accept the invitation. The US announcement also mentioned that Biden asked the Russian president to “de-escalate tensions” with the aim of Ukraine. He also stressed “the firm commitment of the United States to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.” In addition, the Kremlin declared that the internationally recognized 2015 Minsk Peace Plan was ready to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. Russia complains that Ukraine is not adhering to it.

The American president also affirmed his goal of building a stable relationship with Russia, It was said from Washington. In conversation, it also comes down to intention United States of America He went on to pursue a strategic dialogue with Moscow on security and arms control issues. Putin announced that the Biden phone call also addressed other urgent problems, including salvaging the nuclear deal with Iran And the site is at Afghanistan.

Will NATO intervene?

It is also unlikely that NATO will be actively involved in the conflict. One of the reasons is that Ukraine is only a partner country and not a member of the Defense Alliance. On the other hand, risks are difficult to calculate. Diplomats say no one can care to risk a third world war over a regional conflict.

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For the same reason, it is also unlikely that Ukraine would be granted NATO membership before the conflict is resolved. Such a decision could mean that other NATO countries may be obligated to provide assistance in the event Russia comes under further aggression. However, this argument has not been formally put forward. NATO refers to conditions that have not yet been met, for example in the area of ​​rule of law and anti-corruption.

What’s Next?

The NATO foreign and defense ministers want to discuss the current escalation of the Ukraine conflict at a joint video conference on Wednesday. It is expected that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will attend the talks in person at NATO headquarters in Brussels. (Saw / sda / dpa)

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