December 4, 2023

TenneT and Statnett are studying the possibility of parallel connection of Norway and Germany to the offshore network in the North Sea – BusinessPortal Norway

Statnett’s analysis looks at the entire North Sea region and includes Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and Belgium as potential alternative ports of call.© Statnett

Oslo, 16 November 2023. TSO Tenet And Statnet We want to jointly investigate the possibilities of creating a hybrid link between Germany and Norway in the North Sea. On November 16, 2023, the two countries signed a similar memorandum of understanding. Through this connection, the two companies will not only connect North Sea wind farms in one country, as is currently the case, but will also connect wind turbines in parallel to Norway and Germany.

Tenet says implementing such a hybrid project could be promising for both countries. For example, if there is no wind in the German North Sea, it is possible to import wind energy from Norway – or vice versa. This would increase the security of supplies in both countries.

The analyzes by Norwegian transmission system operator Statnett also look at the entire North Sea region and include Germany, Denmark, Great Britain and Belgium as potential alternative connection points. This study is intended to be the basis for hybrid interconnection as an alternative grid solution for new offshore wind farms on the Norwegian continental shelf announced for 2025. TenneT points out that Germany is an interesting partner given its existing and developing offshore capabilities.

TenneT is involved in the implementation of further hybrid interconnections: TenneT is currently pushing LionLink, a connection between Great Britain and the Netherlands, together with the British transmission system operator National Grid. Meanwhile, TenneT is investigating international communications between the Netherlands and Belgium and between Germany and the Netherlands. Future cooperation with Statnett would complement TenneT’s portfolio in the North Sea and contribute to the creation of a European offshore network.

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However, the fundamental requirement for the European development of the North Sea is still technical and legal regulations, as Maierjörgens, Chief Operating Officer at TenneT, explains: “It is essential that the terms of the technical, regulatory and economic framework for the common trans-European maritime network are quickly defined. Adapt. These are The only way we can ensure that the first hybrid projects are successfully commissioned as early as the 2030s.

By 2050, the North Sea is expected to become Europe’s largest energy supplier and provide 300 GW of green electricity. In addition to TenneT, Statnett has also entered into memorandums of understanding with other transmission system operators, including Elia, Energinet, Amprion and National Grid. The cooperation between TenneT and Statnett represents an important step towards a sustainable, cross-border energy future between Germany and Norway, the companies say.