March 3, 2024

Ten years in prison for the Moria burners

Ten years in prison for the Moria burners

Nine months after the massive fire in the Greek refugee camp of Moria, a court has sentenced four migrants to ten years in prison each for arson. Greek state radio reported that the four men from Afghanistan immediately appealed the verdict on Saturday. However, this does not have a stopping effect. In the September 2020 fire, the warehouse on the Mediterranean island of Lesbos – one of the largest in Europe – was almost completely destroyed. About 12,000 people became practically homeless overnight.

Police finally identified six young men and men from Afghanistan as suspects. They are said to have lit a fire to force them to move from the island to mainland Greece. The four men have now been tried on camera on the island of Chios. Two Afghans have already been sentenced to five years in prison under the Juvenile Law. They also resumed. There is no date yet for the start of proceedings in the next round.

Publication date: 13.06.2021, 1:05 pm

Last update: 13.06.2021, 13:06