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Teckentrup doors under high pressure from underground in London

Teckentrup doors under high pressure from underground in London

(October 26, 2022) Underground stations under high pressure to ensure the necessary exchange of air. There are also strict requirements for fire protection because the escape routes are more demanding from above ground. This leads to particularly complex requirements for doors.

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For background: “Crossrail”, one of the largest railway projects in Europe, is currently underway to ease domestic passenger transport in the London area. The road train service is called the “Elizabeth Lane” and aims to downplay the London Underground – especially the Central Line – as an efficient local mode of transport. The Elizabeth Line connects parts of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex with the central and southeast boroughs of Greater London.

During construction of the Whitechapel subway station, intersection on the Elizabeth Line (see
Google Maps), access presents a particular challenge, because all work is done exclusively via columns. For pressurized private ventilation areas and the 30-meter-deep station with six underground levels, doors were also required, which were not available as standard. Therefore Teckentrup has developed special installations with 5 kPa pressure protection.

Noise is also generated across the shafts. To reduce sound transmission, Teckentrup went one step further and designed a double door solution: a DW67 door (sound insulation value R = 57 dB) was combined with a T60 door (R = 42 dB).

Platforms, tracks, station bridges, station halls – to date, Teckentrup has provided about 2,000 doors for the entire project and different requirements. In addition to the high pressure loads and sound insulation classes, this also includes fire protection shut-off with fire resistance up to 120 minutes (E120I290) – all in compliance with UK standards.

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