September 30, 2023

Teach - Pediatricians: Sticco appropriate recommendation - Wikipedia

Teach – Pediatricians: Sticco appropriate recommendation – Wikipedia

Berlin (dpa) – The Professional Association of Pediatricians considers the recommendation of the Standing Committee on Immunization (STICO) appropriate to vaccinate children.

The union’s press spokesman, Jacob Mask, of the German news agency, said that Steko recommends the vaccination of children with certain pre-existing diseases and the possibility of vaccinating healthy children. “Of course we see pressure on parents to make a decision now.” With the opening clause of Stiko, all parents will have at least the opportunity to vaccinate their children. The Stiko paper published on Thursday is not a final decision yet, as usual there is still a coordination process with specialized associations and countries.

Stiko recommended vaccinating children aged 5-11 with risk factors for severe Covid-19 or high-risk relatives. In addition, parents can also vaccinate their healthy children after informing them individually. Musk said that if there are people with a chronic illness in the family environment, that’s a good reason to vaccinate children. For visits to grandparents who have been fully vaccinated and boosted, Musk sees no mandatory need for vaccination.

He emphasized that the data was not yet sufficient to identify possible rare side effects of vaccination. In addition, young children rarely become seriously ill. “With such a low burden of disease, we are in no hurry to get vaccinated.” Currently, there is a great need for advice in practices and, in principle, pediatricians are well prepared to start vaccinations for younger children. “We would like the vaccinations already in the pediatric clinic,” Maske said, referring to political plans to include pharmacists and dentists in the vaccination campaign. “We have a lot of doctors for this.”

In Musk’s opinion, pediatricians do not share widespread criticism, including from politics, that Stiko makes decisions too slowly. “We’re glad Stiko makes free medical decisions, not political ones.”

Lauterbach wants to better equip Stiko

The new Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach also emphasized the independence of the commission. “Even if a scientist is in the ministry now, Stiko can still function fully without any influence or pressure from the ministry,” he said in an interview with the news magazine Der Spiegel. Discussions about Stiko’s speed should be held. “It should be faster.” Stiko need more staff. “I will make sure she gets it.”

The medical societies also agreed with Stiko’s recommendation. “From a medical point of view, Stiko’s recommendation is acceptable,” Andreas Jassin, president of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, said of the Business Insider news portal /. “So Stiko explains that there is an individual benefit for children with pre-existing illnesses through vaccination.” There will be an indirect benefit if the children live in families with vulnerable family members.

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