Taylor Swift’s New Album: Midnights Temporarily Shuts Down Spotify

Taylor Swift released her tenth studio album on October 21. Photo: Brian Friedman / Shutterstock.com

Taylor Swift released her new album, Midnight, on October 21. However, not all fans could immediately enjoy the sounds: in the sharp midnight, the album temporarily paralyzed Spotify.

On Friday night (October 21), Taylor Swift (32 years old) released her 10th new album “Midnight” – sharp at midnight EST. But for many fans, it was initially quiet on Spotify: at least in the US, the release of 13 songs temporarily blew up the app.

Complaints about “Swifties,” as the Grammy winner’s fan community is called, have been accumulating on Twitter. According to “Bloomberg” In the hour after midnight, nearly 8,000 crashes in the music streaming app were reported to the “Downdetector” page across the United States.

‘Midnights’ has become the most streamed album on Spotify

But once Spotify fixed this flaw, fans started pouring in like crazy: The music service also announced that it will be posted on Twitter for about 24 hours“Midnights” became the most-streamed single-day album in Spotify history “before the clock strikes midnight on October 22”.

The artist could hardly believe it: “How can I be so lucky that you guys are doing something so amazing? Like, what just happened??!?!” , Swift wrote on her Twitter account.

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