July 16, 2024

Taliban celebrate abandoned US military vehicles

Taliban celebrate abandoned US military vehicles

US forces left their equipment behind when they withdrew from Afghanistan. Many vehicles and helicopters. This is exactly how the Taliban celebrated a victory parade.

An AFP correspondent reported that a long line of green all-road Humvees waited Wednesday on a highway outside Kandahar city, the birthplace of the Islamist movement. Many American-made vehicles had the black and white Taliban flag on their antennas.

Videos circulated by the Taliban on the Internet showed a helicopter above the prepared parade, pulling behind the militia’s banner. Many Islamic fighters cheered for the plane.

At least one US Army Black Hawk helicopter was seen over Kandahar in the past few days. Since the Taliban did not yet have qualified pilots, it is assumed that someone from the former Afghan army took control of the device.

Allegedly the equipment has become unusable

The US military sees no problem with the fact that their equipment is now being used by the Taliban. According to the Pentagon, the military equipment at Kabul airport became unusable before leaving the country.

“The only thing we have left in the works are a few fire trucks and a few forklifts, so the airport can continue operating in the future,” Defense Department spokesman John Kirby told CNN. Aircraft and vehicles can no longer be used. Some vehicles seem to have been forgotten, as the Taliban pretend to parade victory. (AFP/SDA)