July 17, 2024

Taliban calls on skilled Afghan workers to stop eviction

Taliban calls on skilled Afghan workers to stop eviction

The Taliban demands that Afghan experts no longer be transferred. Western forces are only allowed to evacuate foreigners.

The basics in brief

  • And demanded the Taliban to stop the evacuation of Afghan specialists.
  • This applies to engineers, for example.
  • He was also warned that no evacuation flights would be allowed after August 31.

The extremist Islamic Taliban movement has asked the US armed forces not to use any additional Afghan specialists in rescue operations to fly out of the country.

“We call on them to stop this,” Taliban spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid told reporters in Kabul on Tuesday. He was referring to Afghan experts as the engineers. Only foreigners are allowed by western forces They are flown from Kabul.

Mujahid also repeated a warning to the Islamists not to allow evacuation flights from Kabul after August 31. The Taliban had previously warned of the “consequences” of the US military’s deployment airport slow down.

news channel CNN Meanwhile: the US Department of Defense received from the US President Joe Biden Request a decision for Tuesday’s session. This relates to the question of whether the mission should be extended.

The background is that after the evacuations are completed, it is 5800 a.m. airport The American soldiers deployed in Kabul must be moved abroad. This is with their material.

The G7 countries held a virtual crisis meeting on Tuesday afternoon to discuss The situation in Afghanistan and evacuations from Kabul. our president Joe Biden It has so far committed to the complete withdrawal of US forces by August 31, but has left open the possibility of an extension. Great Britain and other countries want to call for an extension of evacuations at the meeting.

After the deliberations of the G7 at 12 noon (local time; 6:00 pm CET), Biden wanted to make a public statement on Afghanistan.

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